Illinois Cannabis News

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Officers Can Take Your Cash And It’s Legal

1 day ago

Bill That Would Allow Medical Marijuana on School Grounds Passes Illinois Senate

1 day ago

With Medical Marijuana in Place, Can Illinois Cops Do a Search When They Smell Pot?

3 days ago

Illinois Senate & House Agriculture Committee Unanimously Approve Industrial Hemp Bill

5 days ago

A big Chicago marijuana company is going public

6 days ago

How the Push For Legalization Is Missing the Point

8 days ago

Here’s What Really Happens to Drug Dogs in Legal Cannabis States

8 days ago

Illinois lawmakers push for new restrictions on ‘fake pot’

9 days ago

Decatur chief: 'Bad choice of words' that legalized pot would result in police dogs being euthanized

10 days ago

Cannabinoids For Opioids In Illinois

13 days ago

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The changing drug policy landscape in Illinois in the last ten years is proof that change is possible, but change only happens through action.

Demand action from your elected officals- the failed war on cannabis in Illinois has cost billions while countless lives are destroyed in prison.